Facial Skin Treatment Review – Laser Treatments, Dermabrasion and Skin Care Creams


If you wish to get rid of any facial skin problems you have, what kind of treatment would you think is most helpful? Probably one of the following:

laser treatment
dermabrasion or
skin care creams
Read on to review each treatment.

Laser Treatment

Laser skin treatment is a cosmetic surgical procedure for the treatment of skin problems, in which the surgeon uses a laser to remove the skin layers for new skin changes. Wrinkles and fine lines are often used. It can be used to make burns less visible, to remove scars, and spider veins and even to remove drawings.

The concept of laser treatment is that as the top layers of the skin are removed, it allows the lower skin to be exposed, producing a new layer of skin that should be soft, smooth and hold a few wrinkles.

Laser skin rejuvenation is performed under local anesthetic and moisturizing. The recovery time after laser treatment depends on the depth of the laser penetration, but after intensive treatment, it can take longer.

Laser skin treatment has the same effects as dermabrasion and chemical peels – sometimes called laser peel. The technology used is different but the changes that occur in the skin are the same.

Skin reduction

Dermabrasion is often used to improve the appearance of facial skin left by acne, injuries or previous surgery, or to exacerbate wrinkles on the face, such as those around the eyes and mouth.

It is a surgical procedure used to “cleanse” the skin to remove any abnormalities on the skin. Skin rejuvenation involves removing layers of skin using abrasive sandpaper and rotating wire circles. On the day of the procedure, the skin that will be removed dry is frozen using a Freon spray.

Surgery is performed using a local anesthetic with sedatives, or general anesthesia. Once dried, the outer layer of the skin is removed, revealing a new layer of skin. After the procedure, the skin may feel sensitive and painful with some burning and swelling. Recovery takes about 10 days.

Skin Creams

While helpful, laser treatments and dermabrasion treatments are expensive and often require additional recovery time. Even if you choose a reputable physician, there is always the risk that the treatment may be inadequate and you may be left with a painful or chronic injury.

With skin care creams you don’t have that problem. If you choose a natural product line other than synthetic chemicals, man-made preservatives or petroleum ingredients, it will not harm your skin in any way. Skin care creams are quick to give you visible results like laser treatment or dermabrasion, but there is also no healing time and the chances of side effects will last a long time.

Our skin is constantly renewed. If you surgically remove the outer layer of your skin, it will produce a new, flawless skin layer. But in reality, this new skin is now a new outer layer and will attract all the same problems that your “original” skin had. The solution would be to have more surgery and remove that skin again.

With skin cream, you can treat all the layers of your skin at once. So you take care of your outer skin, make it look more beautiful, and at the same time nourish the layers of your inner skin. Over time, dead skin cells fall off on their own, naturally, producing new well-maintained skin cells.

I personally would not have received laser treatment or dermabrasion unless I had severe sores on my face. When it comes to removing old spots, wrinkles or scars, I believe that using a 100% natural skin care program with plant and vegetable oils is the best choice: it is safe, expensive and will give you lasting results if you do it consistently.